Good Vs Bad Logos: Designing Your Future

Logos may seem non-important to the average marketer. Some people say that any logo will do. I disagree. I believe that a good logo plays an integral role in whether people trust your business, thus influencing their purchase decisions.

Let’s take a look at a few examples of good and bad logos.

First up, a good logo. The Nike logo.


There are many reasons why this is a good logo. Most importantly, the simplicity of the design doesn’t hinder the manufacturing process. This is key, because if you have issues with quality or producing the shoes, then the product is going to be dead before arrival.

It’s also easily recognizable. It’s unlike anything else out there. The swooshing design is easy to portray in relation to sports like basketball and this gives them an easy marketing angle. It’s important to think about your marketing angle before developing your logo.

Your logo is going to be a piece of your brand and a piece of who you are as an entity.

Now let’s look at an example of a bad logo.

reeds handmade incense logo

I found this logo on an incense shop called Reed’s Handmade Incense.

I’ve actually tried their incense and they are a lovely company. I mean no harm towards them, but their logo isn’t very thoughtful. It’s pixelated. He may of even made it himself.

I’m sure you see my reasoning here.

Anyways, I hope this article helped.

Thanks a lot for reading it.