Sunday Times Generation Next 2013

Some of you may know of it from previous years. The Sunday Times Generation Next is South Africa’s biggest Youth survey (ages 8-22) where they highlight the top brands the Youth think are cool. We were briefed by the awesome team at Times Media to recreate the new Generation Next logo and a theme for the 2013 event.

We decided to build a much bigger experience for Sunday Times and their readers to not only understand what the Youth are saying in terms of their coolest brands (the existing survey), but also provide a platform for what the are seeing and capturing through the lens of their cameras and sharing off either mobile or DSLR. We therefore created South Africa’s biggest Youth Photography competition with the brief: “Share the narrative of your city”. All ads for the event that run in the Sunday Times will feature photographs taken by the Youth… All details on entering on their website:



Click to see full details.

Click to see full details.

All winners and best entries will be published in a special edition in the Sunday Times on the 16th of June.

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